Pretty Envelop

Made from from junk mail, wrapping paper and swatches of clothes no longer desirable.

Holiday Gift Card

It has a 3-D design with paper supporters underneath each piece. Its made out of used paper and junk mail.

For the scarf and the snow on the tree, I used worn socks, no longer in use.

Kite-Envelop from Junk Mail

Materials found easily at home can be used to create interestingly designed envelops.

Junk mail, cuttings from newpapers and magazines, old notebooks' paper, last year's calenders are some options.

Re-Modelled Clock

Junk mail and recycled gift wrap is all you need to give an old clock a new look. However, this particular clock used here is wooden available in stores for craft projects.

Reclaimed Hook Re-Modelled with Waste Paper

It is a 3-D paper design with paper supporters underneath. You can get inspired by the seasons or the upcoming holidays and create designs that are pleasing to the eye and soft on the environment. All the paper used is junk mail, magazine cut outs, newspaper, used gift wrapping paper, and used copier paper.

Paper bag Puppets

I created little hand puppets using some waste paper, crayon, and used brown grocery/ lunch bags. They make an interesting toy for the kids.

There are several other animals and figures that can be your puppet, Dog, Cat, Elephant, Dianosaur, Racoon, Panda, Bear, Frog, Beetle, turkey, Honey Bee,  Clown, King, Queen, Naughty boy and Girl, and many more.

I shall post more of them as soon as I can!

Jwellery Box made from Victoria Secrets' Shopping Bag

You can use other paper shopping bags, left over wall paper, news paper and magazine cut outs, or junk mail to create similar boxes.

Display Board

It is made out of cereal box and bubble lined postage envelop found in mail.

Plastic bags and waste paper can be used to stuff the postage envelop with.

Electronic's Protective Carton Painting

This has been created with water paints. It is a protective carton that's used to line the inside of a packaging box.

You can use the shapes of the carton to creatively come up with a scene that can be painted.

It makes an interesting wall piece.

Paper Bags

These can be made from left over wall paper, brown grocery bags, used tissue paper, junk mail, and newspapers and magazines. The ones I have here are made from left over wall paper and recycled wrapping paper.