Here is a clown whose body is made from two yoghurt cans sealed together, while the other parts of the body and attire are recycled too.

From the top: The blob on the hat is a broken tennis ball, the hat is from muffin cups saved from a box of cookies, The face is a Christmas jewel, and the hands and legs are stuffed with lint saved from the laundry dryer, or used cotton balls. All the fabric used is from Halloween costumes or from worn socks and dresses.

A Closer look at the clown's face might help you to see more things used.

The muffin cups stand upright, but softly and are a great craft resource.

The nose is a piece of work sock stuffed with swatches of cloth. For the hair I used some fur from used Halloween costumes.

Many such items can be created with similar materials. dolls, cartoon characters, toys, etc can be made from items that we trash everyday.

The King and the Wise One!

Here are two caricature like birds created from a shampoo bottle and a lemon juice squeeze.

The "King Owl" that has a shampoo bottle for the base is made with waste paper, some ribbon, a feather, and sparkle. It can be used as a puppet by kids. A King that has a "Wise Cock" for his rescue.

The funny looking cock is made has a lemon squeezee, some paper, and felt. He can be used as a puppet too to tell the story of the wise one who had a foolish king!

Pen Stand

Here is another use for a yoghurt container and many other similar containers.

This one is embellished with shells collected at a beach some time ago. It is all on a plaster of chalk dust and glue. Trying to make this in another plaster that does not harden immediately will be a good idea too.

The same embellishment can be done on earthen pots, glass vases, or wooden pen stands.

You may choose to use shells of various sizes to fill up all the space instead of the jewels. And finish it with a gold, silver, or copper finish and varnish. 

Another embellishment for larger pots/ containers are pine cones.